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Your Indigescape

Canadian Rocky Mountains is home to many Indigenous peoples of this country. You will explore our unique culture and also some of the most beautiful sceneries ranging from the Foothills, the towering peaks of the mountains, crystal blue lakes and awe-inspiring waterfalls.

Indigescape Tours

The trails are endless, we have a full listing of trails that are classified as level 1 & Level 2 terrain. Accessible for any skill level.

Troll Falls

LENGTH: 3.7km round trip
TIME: 1 – 2 hours
RATE: Easy, 60m elevation
TRAVEL: 1.2 hours from Calgary

Blackshale Suspension Bridge

LENGTH: 6.1km round trip
TIME: 2 – 3 hours
RATE: Easy, 1,223m elevation
TRAVEL: 1.5 hours from Calgary

Elbow Lake

LENGTH: 4.1km round trip
TIME: 2 – 3 hours
RATE: Easy, 143m elevation
TRAVEL: 1.43 hours from Calgary

Grassi Lakes

LENGTH: 4.3km round trip
TIME: 1 – 2 hours
RATE: Easy, 764m elevation
TRAVEL: 1.5 hours from Calgary

Prairie View Trail

LENGTH: 4.1km round trip
TIME: 3 – 4 hours
RATE: Moderate, 2,293m elevation
TRAVEL: 1 hours from Calgary

Barrier Dam Trail

LENGTH: 7.7km round trip
TIME: 3 – 4 hours
RATE: Moderate, 1,223m elevation
TRAVEL: 1 hours from Calgary

Book a unique tour at a great price! Prepare and start packing for your memorable Indigenous adventure.

Family or Group of 5

Ages 8+ must be accompanied by parent/adult

– Storytelling component with books from local Indigenous Authors
– Arts and crafts activity for children
– Adult goal setting activity
– Hike 1 to 4 hours in low-level easy terrain

Team Building for Groups

Group size 10
Ages 18+

– Sharing Circle
– Team Building Activity
– Arts and crafts activity
– Goal Planning Activity
– Hike 1 to 3 hours in low level easy terrain rain

Photo and Video

For Family or group hikes: We are ready with our camera gear and gopro to Capture your Indigescape hike.  

For Business Owners! What an opportunity to promote and highlight your business in the greatness of the mountains. Accent your Brand in the most amazing backdrops of the rockies.  

Contact us and we can help you plan your special occasion.


COVID 19 – Pre Screening will take place and safety practices will be implemented. We are committed to high standards of health and safety practices.

  • Group size is updated accordingly with Alberta Covid Restrictions
  • Anybody in the outdoor environment will be required to maintain 2 metre distance. Except if you are from the same household
  • Provide your own transportation to and from outdoor location
  • Provide your own bagged lunch
  • Hand sanitizer will be used at break points and masks will be used when required (your free to bring your own)

“Connecting local and world travellers to an authentic Indigenous experience”

Our Commitment

This is your chance to have a once-in-a-lifetime adventure. You will experience mother nature’s beauty and diversity. Enriched with stories and crafts for any age level.

However, every trip into the mountains entails a certain amount of risk. Hiring an experienced guide comes into play, as your safety is our priority we will:

  • Prepare you with the logistics of your trip
  • Take you to terrain that is comfortable and safe
  • Teach you about Indigenous culture & history
  • Your gateway to explore more Indigenous culture